Rent a Manager

Low Risk. The Highest Reward.


The benefits of an employee at a fraction of the cost. 

You pay no benefits, No CCP or EI contributions and you get a committed, creative and dedicated professional.
I present to you my last 2 years in a picture. I have worked with outstanding people. I helped businesses make money by being innovative. I helped researchers share their research and advance their careers and better connect.

In short, I bring together the world's of business, research and innovation to help clients grow.

You need to stand out. To step it up. With me as a part of your team you can do it.  

Dear client;

Thank you for the opportunity to work for your organization. I am a dedicated professional. I immerse myself in your organization until I fully understand the culture and the operations. I then work with you to solve problems, manage projects, or execute growth plans. Here are my top five skills:

  1. Idea creation and problem solving;
  2. Online marketing and software applications;
  3. Research management;
  4. Building leaders circles;
  5. Connecting intelligent people and systems

So why bother hiring me?

I am an award winning, exceptionally innovative, thinker that can bring your organization to a level you never dreamed about before. 

All at a fraction of the cost of making a risky, full-time hire. Why go through an exhaustive hiring process and face the risk of making the wrong choice when you can innovate for 1/5th the cost?